No Visitors - Hell Stays Open All Night Long

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From Abhorrent A.D.:

No Visitors is the solo moniker of Matthew Turner who operates Rural Isolation Project, a Texas based label that has made some major contributions to the noise community in the past year by consistently releasing top notch full length CDs by artists such as Knurl, The Rita, Astro and Government Alpha (to name a few).

Following his split releases with Torturing Nurse, White Widow and En Nihil, "Hell Stays Open All Night Long" is (I think) his first non-Rural Isolation Project release and first release on the tape format...and AAD is proud to share his style of skillfully paced and multi-layered Harsh Noise that keeps you thoroughly engaged and on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what's next in the midst of it's numerous dynamic shifts and abrupt changes.