Living Room - Hang On To The Gold Jim

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Dayton, Ohio’s Living Room slurp from the same hepatitis-rich chalice as any number of caveman noise rock outfits, yet with a worldview several degrees more chaotic and hateful. A hate you can see from space. You can smell the stale bong water in the carpet of this Living Room. Unwashed balls. On the couch a couple of dudes in their 50’s doing some sort of inhalant off of an old sock. The sound here is sputtering and schizophrenic. Somewhere in there is a band with songs and stuff, but it all gets lost in the land of bad krazy and regrettable decisions. Helmed by Matthew Reis, the man who brought you Developer and Teeth Collection plus a ragtag band of Ohio’s finest miscreants. They’ve been escorted from the premises.